Kristina Ivy was born in Croatia and has lived there all her life. In 2017 she met a music manager who was attending the Suncebeat Music Festival in Tisno, Croatia. Her family owned the apartment he was staying in and was blown away by her singing. 

"When I came back to London I described Kristina's singing to my work colleagues as 'unparalleled' however it was her work ethic that convinced me that she was the complete artist"

In the last year Kristina Ivy has been has been flown to London 6 times where she has now recorded an album's worth of material and has co-written many of the songs. Since working with 141a Management, Kristina has collaborated with 3 UK artists and shot accompanying music videos that will be released in the following months. The first of which is a feature on Street Sounds MC's single "Can't Get Enough". Kristina Ivy has also shot a video for her own album which will be promoted in 2019. In the meanwhile Kristina is enjoying the process of collaborating with other artists and is always looking to experiment with new sounds. 

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